Sex Slaves in London

It is estimated that there are about 13,000 sex slaves living in the United Kingdom at any one time. Many of them live in London, and are kept under the most terrible conditions. Both young women and men are trafficked as sex slaves from countries both within the EU, and outside of the EU. It is a big problem, and finding where sex slaves are being kept, is a real challenge for the UK police. I had not thought very much about sex slaves until I walked home from Victoria escorts one night, and saw something which I did not like at all.

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As I was walking along the road, this van pulled up, and three young girls got out. It was after midnight , and I had just finished my shift at Victoria escorts. The girls were rather scantly clad, and there was a bloke with him who did not look like he was full of the joys of spring so to speak. As a matter of fact, his demeanor was kind of threatening, and I did not like the like the way he looked at me at all. It made me feel rather anxious, and I started to walk a little bit faster. As I did so, I made a mental note of the block of flats the girls had gone into.

When I reached my flat, I still did not feel comfortable with what I have seen. For once, I both double locked the door from the inside, and put the chain on. For some reason, I felt dirty and worried that this guy may have followed me. London is so full of different characters, and they are not always the most pleasant ones. I took a quick shower, but still slept badly through out the night. When the morning finally broke, I was glad of the light, and decided to call one of my regular gents from Victoria escorts services.

I was not sure what to say, but I was hoping that he would know what to do. After all, he was a barrister and I knew that he dealt with criminal cases at the Old Bailey. When I called, I was not feeling my happy self, and to be honest, I was rather sick to my domestic. As I dialed his number on my mobile phone, I was not sure I was doing the right thing, but I felt that I ought to do something. If I went to the police myself, I was not sure that they would believe me. To them, I might just be a silly girl from Victoria escorts.

Andrew soon answered his phone in his usual cheerful way, but could immediately tell that something was wrong. It took me a minute to say something, and I was not really sure what to say at all. I heard myself almost whispering that this is Samantha from Victoria escorts. He asked me what was up, and interrupted as I spoke saying that he would come around to my flat. When he turned up, it felt good to tell him everything, and a couple of minutes later, he was straight on the phone to the right guy in Scotland Yard. I did not think anything would come of it, but a couple of days later, Andrew called around and told me the police had found an apartment full of young girls who were clearly kept as sex slaves in London. At least, I had done my bit, and I cried with relief, black mascara staining Andrew’s expensive tailored shirt, but he did not say a thing.