My Favorite London Escorts

Have you ever wished that you could take your favourite best London Escorts from on holiday or vacation with you? I am a busy working guy so I don’t get a chance to take a holiday or vacation that often but when I do I try to take one of my favourite London Escorts with me on holiday.


London Escorts

It may seem a bit of an odd thing to do but I do really enjoy the company of my London Escorts, so taking one of my favorite London Escorts on holiday with me is the best solution. I get some sexy companionship whilst on holiday, and my favorite London Escorts get a vacation all paid for in some exotic location.



This year I am off to the United States for a fortnight, and I am bringing Angie with me. She has been working in for two years, and we have been dating for about ten months now. We get along really well, and share the same interests in EVERYTHING.


Angie has never been to the United States so it will be a fun experience for her, and I just think that traveling to the US is so convenient. But let me tell you the best thing of all. Nobody in the States seem to mind a middle age guy with a blonde bombshell on his arm.


I have traveled to other destinations around the world before with my London Escorts, and in a lot of places, people sort of do a double take and check us out. They don’t in America, and this is why the US has become a favorite holiday destination for myself and my London Escorts.


Angela and I are going to fly in Orlando, and from there we are going to try down to the Florida keys for a two week hot and steamy holiday. The Florida Keys is the perfect destination for us. Angela loves to shop, and the shops are great down there.


It will also give me the opportunity to check out Angela in her favorite bikini on the beach or by the pool. I suspect that we will be doing a fair share of sunbathing whilst on holiday, and what can be better than Angela in a bikini. That will be my ultimate holiday pleasure, and I just wait for all the other tourists and locals to check out my sexy blonde girlfriend.


The only problem is that Angela does not like flying at all but I suspect that I will somehow manage to get her on the plane. A few gin and tonics at the airport should do the trick I hope.


This is the third time I am taking an escort on holiday with me, and I am sure I will be able to enjoy myself as much the last time. I am not a guy who goes for hedonistic holidays. Okay, you can meet all sorts of interesting people there but I must prefer to do things a bit more self catering if you know what I mean. At least if you bring your own evening’s entertainment, you will know exactly what you are going to get.